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Photo : Elena Oriza


Acoustic Environment for a Cedar of Lebanon
ONU's gardens, Geneva, Switzerland
July - October 1995

Four loudspeakers, placed at the 4 cardinal points, surround the Cedar of Lebanon where all the sounds convert.
The spectator perceives the whole movement of the partition when he approaches the tree.
At the periphery, an echo is simulated by bursted sounds projected by the 4 loudspeakers.
The musical score is developped from a palette of composed sounds and is shaped by computer.
Each loudspeakers diffuses its combinations of specific sound materials and create a pole translation every 15 min. like a clock's mechanism.

Created in the context of « Dialogues de Paix », an international exhibition of contemporary art, realised by AFAA (Association Franšaise d'Action Artistique) for UN's 50th anniversary.
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