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Sound Architecture
Grame - Ministère de la Culture's order,
Festival Musiques en Scène 2000 / Lyon cité sonore

Eglise du Bon Pasteur, Lyon, France, march 2000

Distributed through the twelve sonic points, the six scores of « Paracelsica » recreate a « Sound Sphere ». The spectators discover the meaning of the musical and verbal composition along their wandering in the church.
In the two confessionals on the sides whisperings, inaudible from the exterior, create two confidences scenes.
The Sound Architecture, akin a plastic hologram, is perceived from any point of the church. « Paracelsica » reveals the infinite and mysterious space that lives inside each of us. The text (written by Catherine France Borrini) blends with the composed and sculpted sounds. The verb becomes the echo of the music and the music the echo of the verb.


11th March 2000

Dominique Barthassat at the piano dialogues with « PARACELSICA » and with Master Taïkan Jyoji (5th Dan of Kyudo) during his ritual of preparation along the nave. The listening and viewing of this performance induces a space near to meditation.

Photos : Saskia Meyer



6th-10th March 2000

During this workshop Dominique Barthassat teaches his spatialised approach to music to the students of the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Lyon.
The elaboration of a modulable scenery offers the possibility to amplify the perception's phenomenon.

production: Raymond Consultant, Geneva

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