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Launch of the album «MOMENTS» in India

From left to right : Dominique Barthassat, Amaan Ali Bangash and Ayaan Ali Bangash

in association with Raymond Consultant, Geneva
at the residence of the Ambassador of Switzerland, Mr. & Mrs. Guy Ducrey, in New Dehli, India

On the basis of an Indian evening raga - Raga Durga - Dominique Barthassat played the Piano and the keyboard synthesizer in an improvised form, with the improvisation being the « touch and attack technique » which allows a better symbiosis with the Sarod and the Tabla, bringing about a new dimension to the dialogue.

The meeting of these two musical cultures opens up new horizons for our listening pleasure. The Sarod gives an emotional register quite near to the Piano. The Tabla is the soul of the rhythm. The Percussion is the rhythmic link which facilitates this musical fusion.
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