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Photos : Sylvie Matthey Barthassat


A sound scenography for a playground in Geneva

Sound Architecture and Sound Navigator

International christmas tree festival
Bains des Pâquis Jetee, Geneva
December 2001 - January 2002

Via a subtle game of orientation, "L'Etoile Sonore", a Sound Architecture in 8 spots situated between four plane tree's, invites the stroller to move about within the sonorous interior and thus perceive a new dimension.

The sounds fuse with the atmosphere of the lake and the musical scenario conjures up the flight of a gleaming star as it flashes it way through the galaxy.

Sound Engineering : J. Terrier, ingénieur son - Woodwork : A. Simian - Metal Work: F. Scarpa
Coordination : Sylvie Matthey Barthassat

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