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Photo : Andrew Martin

Durchblick / (Entre) voir / Land(e)scape

Sound Architecture
Choreography by Cie L'AM (Suisse) & Co. M-S-K (Australie)
Australia - Switzerland, October - December 2001

The composition of this Sound Architecture has been constructed with sound samples given by the artists, Markus Siegenthaler and Marc Berthon, Together with the sound materials created by the composer, Dominique Barthassat.

The architecture of the sounds establish a constant dialogue between soundscapes thus created and the different musical instruments.

In the CD record, five piano's variation enhance this composition.
The cinematic spacialisation of the score is constructed with a background, a medium range, a foreground and is cut into 5 climatic sequences.

D/ E / L was performed by Vanessa Mafé, Markus Siegenthaler, Marc Berthon, Jondi Keane

Instrumental :
JB Meier, percussion - Saskia Meyer, harp - Jean-Jacques Pedretti, trombone, shell, alphorn
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